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I am not sure what to make of this issue. 4EA is the initialism used for a catch phrase now commonly deployed in contemporary neuroscience and philosophy of mind research to characterise cognition: “Embodied, Embedded, Enacted, Extended, Affective”. I think … Continue reading

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Qualia (sing. quale) is a term used in philosophy to mean “the subjective qualities of conscious experience” or the “raw feel” of sensation, for example, how a blue sky looks, how a rose smells or the pain of a toothache. … Continue reading

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Shapes of space

There is a branch of mathematics, topology, which can be described as the study of the possible “shapes of space”, referring to the 3-dimensional space as we experience it in the world, as well as 4-dimensional space-time and other more … Continue reading

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The phenomenology of Edith Stein

I have just come across another 20th century phenomenologist whose work seems relevant to this blog: Edith Stein, also known as Saint Teresia of the Cross. She is a martyr and saint of the Catholic Church, one of the six … Continue reading

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Merleau-Ponty and the Other

There are times when the appropriate question to ask yourself is: “What would Merleau-Ponty do?”. Such as when you come up against an occasion when a person treats another person like an object. Or on the other hand when someone shows … Continue reading

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The Gaze and the Stare

The Gaze of the Other “is fundamental to many 20th century philosophers, in particular Sartre’s, who sees it as, by and large, a competition, and Levinas’s who sees it as humanity looking right at you, asking for your empathy.” Of … Continue reading

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The Other

I was going to try to give a brief rundown on some philosophies and my take on their take on what I see as three major issues, in the following order: The Subject-Object distinction The problem of the personal body … Continue reading

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