You talkin’ to me?

I am inspired by Andy Jackson’s poem Secessionist to begin this blog’s first substantive post. It’s a great poem to start me thinking about what it means to be a conscious being in a physical body.

As someone who by nature values times of solitude and reflection, I am probably as guilty (!?) as anyone of talking to myself occasionally. But what does that mean? Who am I talking to? Or should that be: who is talking to me?!

Some points of reference:

1. The title of this post, You talkin’ to me? is of course the line in the 1976 movie Taxi Driver spoken to his reflection in a mirror by the character played by Robert Di Nero (who is credited with having improvised it during shooting).

2. The short story Borges and I by Jorge Luis Borges, translated here

3. The novel Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse

4. The poem embodiment by Ian Mintz

5. The poem Myself and My Person by Anna Swir, translated from the Polish

6. The paper The Ghost in Me: Towards a Phenomenology of the Doppelganger by Dylan Trigg (who has a blog Side Effects  about embodiment from a philosophical perspective)

7. The paper  Who’s Writing Whom? The implications of a plural self for the creative writing process by Daragh O’Reilly


About middleeuropeanmelancholy

64 year old Australian born male. Into travel, poetry, philosophy, music, popular physics, mathematics (especially topology)...
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